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Why don’t we serve lattes and cappuccino?

I think that Starbucks and Peet’s and their ilk have defined the coffee house as a unique stand alone business. An espresso machine is labor intensive and requires a certain amount of skill that is best provided by a so-called “barista” who is only making coffee. I don’t want to distract our servers from providing the full service that our customers expect.

Why do we charge a “corkage” fee when you bring in a beverage?

It is really more of a social statement. I believe that one should partake of the offerings that are available in any restaurant. Rather than a complete ban on outside beverages, causing you to discard the latte that you just purchased down the street, I allow you to bring it in and consume it with your meal for $1.00, which partly compensates us for the lost coffee sale. For those of you who think that it is OK to bring your own beverage because we don’t sell what you want, I submit that we don’t serve Chinese food either. Do you think it would be OK to bring in your carry out Chinese? A restaurant only makes money by selling food and beverage, and beverage sales contribute greatly to the overall profit margin.

Why do we cut off breakfast at 11:25?

The time is arbitrary, a foil to those who always dash in at the last minute. However, we must cut it off sometime. Lunch is served in a concentrated time frame to people who are usually on a timed lunch hour, and I know that cooking breakfast during that time will slow down our kitchen, causing an unacceptable wait for food.

Don’t forget we serve breakfast all day on Sunday!

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