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Top Quality

The Village Inn Café uses only the finest quality ingredients:

  • Eggs and omelettes are cooked in pure clarified butter.
  • Hamburgers made from 100% fresh house-ground beef brisket.
  • Waffle batter is made with fresh eggs & butter.
  • Toast is made in the kitchen by the cooks, not by a server who has been handling money and bussing tables, unlike certain Walnut Kreek (sic) restaurants.
  • We buy our applewood smoked bacon in slabs and slice it thick in our own kitchen.
  • We squeeze our own orange juice daily, (several times).
  • We slow cook 80 lbs or more of our house-cured corned beef brisket each week for our legendary corned beef hash.
  • We make our milkshakes with Dreyer’s Grand vanilla ice cream.
  • We make our own soups from scratch (no prepared bases).
  • We don’t use bagged lettuce; we prep our own fresh romaine every day.
  • Salad dressings and our delicious buttered focaccia croutons are made in-house.
  • We brew premium Peerless coffee.

Three photos of plates of food, bacon and eggs, chef salad, and club sandwich